Swimming with the Kids

27. června 2006 v 23:55 | Pentu von HELLsinki
Swimming with the Kids
i can´t deny the fact that you know me better then i do = it doesn´t matter ´cos i know that you say that i´m a fool, better the best = but if you only tell me that you love me, i don´t give a damn = [ swimming with the kids ] a sunny day ´n i´m feeling kindy quilty if i´m not going out, if i´m not going anywhere = go ahead if you wanna play dead ´cos i don´t give a damn = [swimming with the kids] a broken heart can be fix with the love = slow down, feet of the ground = everybody can come around = here i am in control = i know they won´t let me down = slow down, feet of the ground = everybody can come along = here i am, i´m swimming with the kids = back to the scene go mad with the groove = yo if you miss it there´s is nothing you can do = own fault if you think too slow ´cos i don´t give a damn = [ swimmin´... ] so if you really don´t wanna leave the bed = i´ll take a step a back ´n let you play dead = i ain´t sure what this song is about, but sure i don´t give a damn. [ pick it up mr. love is on the line ]

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