28. června 2006 v 0:08 | Pentu von HELLsinki
There you come again. I see you´re
having your ever lasting smile on
your face, like now ´n´ then, I cannot
hide, I cannot fight, I cannot go
you know, you know, you know, hey do
you know. That you do not have to
entertain my cat, if you
don´t want that, yeah. It seems
that you don´t know that you´re
twisted by your nature ´n´ that´s
the reason I hate ya.

I´m gone, I can´t stay another day
roll my mind, hold my hands up in
the air.
So here it comes now a coupple of hard
words, yah, yah. I know this hurts
but I´m so, so happy,´cos you, oh yes,
yes, you do really reserve this.
Shed a tear, when you want me to stop.
So many times you have made people
cry, so many lies, why I´m asking.
I´m the one, who will say, hey get
out of my way, because you´re twisted
oh yes you are.

¤ Pentu von HELLsinki ¤

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