27. června 2006 v 23:55 | Pentu von HELLsinki

we get along its like magic has come between us = we did it all first and now everybody´s gotta learn to survive, gotta learn to stay alive = now you say you just needed to stay away = now you say, that you are blowing yourself away = i know well what you mean, when you tell me we´re running out of credit =every day i will see you anyway n´ i wanna do something about it = we recognice the lies, nothing can stop us now = we have a blast with the most ridicolous stories, laughing´s, keeping us alive n´ you know that´s not a lie = now you say, don´t even smile if you follow me = i see you´re not joking for the first time = i know well what you mean, when you tell me where running out of credit = i know well that the time has come, when... everything´s been said n´ down, we´ll maybe we just should´t give up, OH YEAH ! [ respect the fidelity ]

¤ Pentu von HELLsinki ¤

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