28. června 2006 v 0:09 | Pentu von HELLsinki
Groove it up, it´s friday night
time to have some funny, allright.
To know what´s up. I gotta reach
´n´ pick up the phone.

Yeah the answer´s allways mick
my favourite band is having a gig.
What could be better idea, than
to go to the club.
Listen to me boy you have to be
18 to get inside!
´n´ there will be no talk about
exeptions this time.
Damn that I wanna see this band
I´ll be good, you understand. This is
a moment of my life, that i can´t
let go. I´m steeling in, it allways
works. Yeah I know how to
bluff those jerks. I can´t
hide my wide smile, when I
think of his words.

¤ Pentu von HELLsinki ¤

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