Červen 2006


29. června 2006 v 10:38 | Pentu von HELLsinki |  Texty
War of Love

Ostatní písničky

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29. června 2006 v 10:34 | Pentu von HELLsinki |  Texty
The Monsterican Dream

Get Heavy

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29. června 2006 v 10:32 | Pentu von HELLsinki |  Texty
Divine Insanity

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Locked In The Dark

29. června 2006 v 1:11 | Pentu von HELLsinki
Locked In The Dark

Waiting for something, something
More to live for
It has taken too long
Since I've had something to hold on

Last Hero

29. června 2006 v 1:09 | Pentu von HELLsinki
Last Hero

When you're alone you have no faith
I really hope and I know
That I found you
And I take you
You're not alone cos I take you home
You're not alone

L.A. Feeding Fire

29. června 2006 v 1:08 | Pentu von HELLsinki
L.A. Feeding Fire

Maybe I'm not what you want
I'm not what you needed
I'm something you never got


29. června 2006 v 1:06 | Pentu von HELLsinki

I feel like dying
Am I here
just to fade away?
Do you know
what it means?
You can think it's OK
but the story is not
the same anymore

In My Heaven

29. června 2006 v 1:05 | Pentu von HELLsinki
In my Heaven

Dreams faded
I'm frightened
Will I ever find the cure?
Mistaken, I'm waiting
When I finally hit the floor


29. června 2006 v 1:03 | Pentu von HELLsinki

We've been down
We've been down all our lives
We have seen so many ways
So many ways
So many ways that hurt inside
I've got nothing left to say to you

Frozen To Lose It All

29. června 2006 v 1:00 | Pentu von HELLsinki
Frozen To Lose It All

Alone in sadness
You are pure and innocent
All suffering in your eyes
So love decides
It's time to lose it all
In your paradise we stayed
Lost and lonely you are

Creeping Inside

29. června 2006 v 0:59 | Pentu von HELLsinki
Creeping Inside

Her love is too much for my heart
She burned me out
I felt to protect myself
From her smile so divine

Childhood Memories

29. června 2006 v 0:55 | Pentu von HELLsinki
Childhood Memories

Broken childhood percecutes me
I'm easy to offend so why you hurt me
you can call me

Black Light

29. června 2006 v 0:50 | Pentu von HELLsinki
Black Light

Respect everyone around us
Be social, clear your mind
Protect yourself from danger
Just don't let all lit yourself

Angels Won´t Lie

29. června 2006 v 0:47 | Pentu von HELLsinki
Angels Won´t Lie

Another wasted moment
Realising we're not real
Can you hear the angels calling
When night is young and silence comes?
You touch my face
And I break down

Negative - Sweet & Deceitful

29. června 2006 v 0:44 | Pentu von HELLsinki
Tak jo... Texty snad brzy dodám... Doufám...

After All

29. června 2006 v 0:38 | Pentu von HELLsinki
After All

It was all those
things you said to me
It was all those lies
you believed in
I guess that now you
stand higher than
anyone else in this world

About My Sorrow

29. června 2006 v 0:36 | Pentu von HELLsinki
About My Sorrow

From chains to freedom
From hate to love
One by one

Negative - Ostatní Písničky

29. června 2006 v 0:35 | Pentu von HELLsinki
Tak... Písničky který nemaj na albu, ale třeba na singlech budou zde...

Negative - War of Love

29. června 2006 v 0:27 | Pentu von HELLsinki
Tak jo... Shánim texty... Až nějaký seženu, tak je sem hodim, jo?